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Home >> Are All Translations of the Bible Equal?

Are All Translations of the Bible Equal?

Are All Translations of the Bible Equal?

Bible Translations: A Closer Look discusses the fascinating topic of Bible
translations and the many challenges translators face; it also evaluates
the strengths and weaknesses of the best-known Bible translations


Bible Trabnslations: A Closer Look, Paper by Rataczak       John        H. $11.70
RRP: $13.00  You Save: $1.30
A few simple facts make it clear that translating the Bible is inherently challenging. Consider that the Holy Scriptures were written over a span of at least 1,500 years by about forty different authors in three different languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek). Now consider that they have since been translated into over 1,300 languages. The question is obvious: are all translations of the Bible equally good? Further, what
are the strengths and weaknesses of the best-known Bible translations?
In his latest book, Bible Translations: A Closer Look, John Rataczak delves into the fascinating world of Bible translation and offers keen insight into a variety of related questions. Specifically, his latest book covers the following topics:
  • What readers should believe about the Bible
  • What readers should know about past Bible translations
  • The difficulties a Bible translator faces
  • Why there are so many differences in translation
  • Some of the methods used in modern Bible translation
  • Some things to be aware of in modern Bible translations
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the best-known Bible translations
  • How a believer can study the Bible more effectively
John comments, "The purpose of this book is to honor God and His Word. It is my hope that Bible Translations: A Closer Look will help us become a generation of Christians who think and live Biblically and who have a keener understanding of how the Biblical passages we know and love came to be written."
Like his former book, The Ramifications of Our Salvation, this book is suitable for small group Bible studies and discussions, Sunday School classes, discipleship training, and/or personal devotional study.

Help us translate
My book, "The Ramifications of Our Salvation," explains what happens Biblically when a believer places his trust in Christ.

God has placed a burden on my heart to have this book translated, printed, and distributed into Russia, Ukraine, and China. This will cost about $10,000. Would you like to play a roll in reaching these countries for Christ?

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